Simple line drawing


Guided drawing for kids


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Small children can easily learn to draw and color with Simple line drawing, a very interesting app for android. It's the perfect combination of classic coloring books and the advantages of technology, all from the comfort of your smartphone. Download the app and watch them develop their creativity!

Simple line drawing has two different tools. The first, with a more academic approach, teaches children to draw following simple strokes. Choose from a huge number of designs with a wide variety of themes: vegetables, animals, vehicles, buildings, and more! The designs have a specific level of difficultly, so each child will be able to find something that fits their abilities.

The second tool is a bit more playful, allowing children to draw independently, using numerous brushes and pencils with many bright colors. Children can put into practice the techniques they've learned and let their imaginations soar!

Once your kids have created their works of art, save them or share with friends and family directly from Simple line drawing.

Requires Android 4.4 or higher

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